The Product Design competition has existed since 1954. Its award, the Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality seal. The best products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award.

» Red Dot Award: Product Design

The competition for Design Concepts and prototypes is held annually in Singapore. The highest award for the best of all concepts is the Red Dot: Luminary which includes prize money of $5,000.

» Red Dot Award: Design Concept

The highest award in the Communication Design competition is the “Red Dot: Grand Prix” for the best work in a category. The “Red Dot: Junior Prize”, which includes prize money of 10,000 euros, will be awarded to the best student work.

» Red Dot Award: Communication Design

Design Award news

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Professor Dr. Zec as an expert at the Gwangju Design Biennale

“Convergence and Communication” is the motto of the international design conference which will take place from 5-6 October 2007 at the Gwangju Design Biennale (5 October to 3 November 2007) in Korea. One of the renowned speakers is the design and business expert Professor Dr. Peter Zec. More

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Interview with Hall of Fame contributing writer Stefano Marzano

Stefano Marzano is CEO and Chief Creative Director at Philips Design. Instead of focussing exclusively on technology, the company concentrates on people, and claims to improve quality of life with its products. This approach was revolutionary in 1990, when it was developed by the then CEO, Jan Timmer. In the interview with red dot online, Hall of Fame contributing writer Stefano Marzano talks about design as a factor for a better quality of life. More

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Interview with the red dot: best of the best winners Heinrich Paravicini and Johannes Plass

For “Face2go” Mutabor received the red dot: best of the best in the category “Information Design/Public Space” in this year’s red dot award: communication design and was therefore at the same time nominated for the red dot: grand prix. red dot online interviewed the managing and creative directors of Mutabor, Heinrich Paravicini and Johannes Plass, about this special event. More

Monday, 17 September 2007

Interview with the best of the best winner Sandra Mithöfer

The international expert jury of this year’s red dot award: communication design expressed its enthusiasm about the professionalism of the work of Sandra Mithöfer and honoured this design performance with a red dot: best of the best. With this award, Sandra Mithöfer is at the same time nominated for the red dot: junior prize, awarded for the best student work of the entire competition. red dot online had an interview with the young designer on her work, her award and her plans for the future. More

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Interview with red dot: best of the best winner MetaDesign

For the corporate design of the exhibition “The most beautiful French come from New York”, MetaDesign received in this year’s red dot award: communication design a “red dot: best of the best” for highest design quality. Thus MetaDesign is automatically nominated for the “red dot: grand prix”, which the jury can award in each category to an outstanding work. red dot online talked to MetaDesign about the award-winning corporate design in an interview. More

Friday, 7 September 2007

Tomorrow’s trendsetters: the best design concepts 2007

Results of the red dot award: design concept 2007 The results of this year’s red dot award: design concept have been released. The international expert jury evaluated a total of 884 submissions from 46 countries for outstanding design quality and distinguished 105 with a red dot award. Another eighteen received the distinction red dot: best of the best for highest design quality. More

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Fidius“ for unfair design competitions – German design award in the spotlight – Ikea gets it right

There are some awards that no one really wants. The negative award “Plagiarus” is such an award in the design industry, and is awarded annually to the most audacious plagiarists, and recently another negative award has come to the fore: the „Fidius“. With the help of this award, unfair tenders and design competitions will be publicly exposed. The dubious honour of such an award will be bestowed upon the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany in this first competition. More

Friday, 24 August 2007

Provoking Magic: Lighting of Ingo Maurer

New York’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum dedicates a solo exhibition to lighting designer Ingo Maurer. “Provoking Magic: Lighting of Ingo Maurer” will take place from September 14, 2007 through January 27, 2008. More

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Furniture design trends 2007: Between desperation and genius

Today, design is more important than ever and the demands on designers have also become higher and more complex than ever before. In a time when flawless function is taken for granted and quality standards are converging increasingly, design defines vital differences in today’s markets. More

Friday, 10 August 2007

President’s Design Award

This year, the Singapore Ministry of Information, Communication and Art will for the third time award the President’s Design Award to national designers who have with their work contributed considerably to establishing the Singapore design industry on an international scale. Design expert and Icsid president Professor Dr. Peter Zec, who is the initiator of the red dot design award and has also been successful with the red dot Singapore since last year, was invited as chairman of the jury for product and industrial design. More