The Language of Fashion and Design: Creative, Multifarious, Global

Helmut Merkel, Annett Koeman, Alexandra Hildebrandt, eds.
With essays by Thomas Middelhoff, Emmanuel Siregar, Annett Koeman, Alexandra Hildebrandt, Peter Prix, and Peter Zec

Why is it so important to put old habits aside for innovation to arise? How can one generate new ideas? When is the best time to be creative? What does design have to do with a company’s substance? How are design and diversity linked? What can management learn from designers? Why does creativity demand freedom? What are the distinguishing features of products that are especially successful in the market? What prerequisites must be fulfilled for economy and ecology to become productive in the area of design? Answers to these questions and more are provided in the book The Language of Fashion and Design: Creative, Multifarious, Global, from the renowned publishing house of red dot edition, based in Essen, Germany. The quality of the book’s production will assure its popularity as a reference work for managers, researchers, designers, and artists for years to come.

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