red dot communication design yearbook 2010/2011

Peter Zec (Ed.)

Communication design is cool. This is reflected in the annually growing number of participants in the red dot award: communication design. And communication design is hot. This is reflected in the excellent works of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions. For the first time, all winners and their creations will be presented in a two-volume work. The two volumes “Hot” and “Cool” will be delivered in a tight-fitting slipcase showing hot and hip communication design at the highest stage.

The heat is on when the works that have received an award from an international jury are presented in the first volume. It comprises the fields of corporate design and annual reports, advertising and editorial design, typography and illustration. And to top it off, it’s cool when you can view the award-winning products in the fields of packaging design and poster, event design and public space, image film as well as interface design and digital games. In addition, both volumes contain a DVD impressively staging all digital award-winning works.

Thus, the new yearbook featuring the best works in the field of communication design becomes a source of inspiration and a trend barometer of the international creative scene.

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