Trend Report Tendence Lifestyle 2004

red dot online Presents the Most Recent Trends of the Frankfurt Tradeshow

The Tendence Lifestyle took place in Frankfurt August 27-31, 2004. With 3,706 exhibitors from 88 countries, it is the largest consumer goods trade show in the world. The restructuring of the show was met with approval by the manufacturers.


Since last year, the Tendence Lifestyle has been structured according to a new concept: now, the halls are divided by living worlds instead of products. The umbrella terms "Joy", "Modern Living", "Emotion" and "Function" clarify the style concept. For example, glass manufacturers can reach the furniture buyers and vice versa.

Here, red dot defines the trends from Frankfurt for you:

- New living worlds is a broad term. It not only fits the tradeshow but also the strategy that many manufacturers pursue. Familiar products are applied in a way whereby they take over new functions and serve as many purposes as possible, thus developing new areas of use. Cooperations between companies from different industries aim to reach larger target groups. Altogether, the trend is to expand the thus far limited area of a product or entire product group.


- Especially in times when the innovative gears turn increasingly faster, the return to well-tried things offers an orientation, but it also conceals a dearth of ideas and genuine innovations. One trend that has spread across the industries is a revival of the 1980s. Harsh contrasts, geometric forms and black and white have now displaced the previous revival of the colorful flower power look. This trend clearly crystallized at the Milan furniture fair and the Light & Building in Frankfurt. The Tendence presents the logical consequence. Silver and chrome can be seen everywhere, classics that have been revived and colors that are reminiscent of the 1980s. The orange colors from the 1970s that already stood out at the furniture fair are also often represented.


- One theme that has become increasingly clear as a recent trend is the combination of naturalness and artificiality. In the consumer goods sector, organic forms not only merge with artificial materials, but the manufacturers also stage nature in an artful way with prints and graphics on the accessories.


We have captured the atmosphere and impressions from the trade show in our trend galleries. There, you can see the directions that are among the trends of 2004 in the consumer goods and lifestyle sector:



Living worlds


Naturalness & Artificiality