The luxury version caravan: "The Retreat"
Inside and outside "The Retreat" doesn't look like a traditional caravan…
…and yet it complies with all regulations and norms for caravans
A second home for those who want to be surrounded by high-quality design during their holidays


Luxury Caravan "The Retreat"

During the "100% Design" trade show in London, "The Retreat" was presented for the first time: a luxury caravan that revolutionizes the world of mobile homes.


The Retreat is setting a new standard: a second home for design conscious users who wish to combine comfort and flexibility. The advantages regarding price and flexibility equal those of traditional caravans; it complies with all regulations and norms for the equipment and size (according to "Caravan Act" and the norm BS/EN 1647). However, the design by the British architectural office Buckley Gray Yeoman is setting new standards in terms of both interior and exterior design.

Each "Retreat" consists of units with a size of 6 x 3 meters. Real wood (instead of wood paneling), floor-to-ceiling glass windows and steel characterize the high quality design. There are two basic models: one model has units arranged in an H-shape, creating an inner courtyard. This additional, private outside space, which is available year-round due to a fold-up wooden roof, is a clear distinction from traditional caravan designs. The two standard size units can be transported on a truck without any problem – and this, too, complies with the norm for caravans. The white interior walls contribute to the pure and clear caravan design; the exterior walls are either horizontal or vertical wood panels available in a range of soft colors. The interior design is left up to the owner; a style is not stipulated. However, interior design packages are available upon request, including beds, sofas, side tables and more in a sophisticated design, which ideally rounds off the luxury version of the caravan.


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