Excerpt of a Rolf Benz advertisement
Seat banks on the red dot award: "Kaum da und schon gepunktet. The SEAT Altea"
Excerpt of a Daihatsu ad: "Schöner leben inclusive – Better living included"


Design Award Strengthens Image

The winners of the red dot design award not only enjoy their award – they also use the award as a sales argument in their print advertisements.


High-quality and sensible design creates a decisive market advantage for products and media. Manufacturers and designers therefore like to have their good design confirmed. It is not surprising that the red dot award meanwhile registered a total of 4,500 applications from 40 countries. Manufacturers not only can be proud of this award, but they can also use it as a marketing tool, which hopefully will tip the scale when it comes to a buying decision of the consumers. The logo of the award is increasingly used in print campaigns. The automobile manufacturer Seat, for example, won the red dot award product design: best of the best 2004 for its "Altea" model. The design award is even communicated in the heading of the print ad: "Kaum da und schon gepunktet"(already a point scored and the game has hardly begun). Other companies like Rolf Benz and Daihatsu use the award's logo as an additional piece of information in their campaigns, in order to gain buyers and to differentiate from other manufacturers on the market. They like to point out the (not so small) difference: good design is, after all, decisive.


You can view the full-size advertisements here:


Rolf Benz

Seat Altea