Chaise lounge "Mono". Manufacturer: COM 40 Sp. z o. o. Designer: Tomasz Augustyniak
Bathroom element "Duch". Manufacturer: Logo Design Sp. z o. o. Designer: Anna Wojczyska – Vis-à-Vis


Exhibition: "Made in Poland"

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt presents the exhibition "Made in Poland" until November 17, 2004. The approximately 100 items were all created after 1989 and most of them are now produced in serial production in Poland.


"Made in Poland" presents the results of the vivid and innovative Polish design scene as it has developed since the political and economic opening in 1989. The products range from furniture, foods, toys and clothes to jewelry, computer games, glass and porcelain objects. Often, young Polish designers combine inspirations from international designs with their own tradition in an original and surprising way. Local raw materials like linen, amber and wool are rediscovered. The use of these materials provides the designs with their own identity. The two curators Marcin Fedisz and Piotr Nawara selected the exhibitions together with a commission of Polish experts and representatives from Polish design magazines. Their office in Krakow, nsMoonStudio, is responsible for the conceptual design and realization of the exhibition.


Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt

Schaumainkai 17

D–60594 Frankfurt am Main