Sofa "break" for the right mixture of together and alone. Manufacturer: L K Hjelle. Design: Norway Says. Photo: Hugo + Åshild
Armchair Scandia. Design by Hans Brattrud for Hove, 1957. Reproduction: Fjord Fiesta
Magazine rack Papermaster. Manufacturer: Swedese, Design: Norway Says. Photo: Mir Visuals
Bowls and plates made of anodized aluminium. Design: Catherine Lande, Liminal


Norwegian Design in Berlin

The largest exhibition ever of Norwegian design objects in Germany: from October 11 until November 14, 2004 "Norway Today – New Design from Norway" is on show in the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.


When it comes to Scandinavian design, famous designs from Aalto (Finland) to Panton (Denmark) instantly come to mind. After the boom of Scandinavian design in the 1950s and 1960s, Norway had a difficult position. In the meantime, this has changed: the new generation of talented designers has brought Norway new fame in the international world of design.


The flourishing Norwegian oil industry formed the basis for innovative technology developers, who realized how important the cooperation with designers really is. An increased demand for products from the field of graphic design, the foundation of Norsk Form in 1993, the Center for Norwegian Design, architecture and constructed environments, Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer 1994 – all of these factors led to the promotion of worldwide recognition of Norwegian design.


In the meantime, the media have raised the attention given to design. The consequence: an increasing number of applicants for the Norwegian Design Award and an increasing number of companies that use design services, for example from the furniture industry. In 2000, the designer group "norway says" was invited to participate in the Salone Satelite in Milan. After 30 years of absence of Norwegian designers in Milan, norway says led to a large number of top-quality designs made in Norway. A lot of it can be seen in Berlin: a selection of works by 65 designers is presented.

The exhibition of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in cooperation with the Norwegian Design Council.




Nordische Botschaften

Felleshus (community house)

Rauchstr. 1

D – Berlin Tiergarten


Opening hours:

Monday – Triday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Admission is free