What will tomorrow's work place look like? Orgatec, the trade fair for business worlds, presents answers
Innovations and future scenarios about the theme "Living at Work" are on the agenda this year


Tomorrow's Working Worlds: Orgatec 2004 in Cologne

The Orgatec 2004, International Trade Fair for the Planning, Interior Design and Management of Business Worlds, takes place from October 19-23, 2004 in Cologne. The central theme this year is "Living at Work".


850 companies from 41 countries present their products and scenarios of future working worlds. This year's theme "Living at Work" focuses on innovations and concepts, which adjust working to the life of today and tomorrow in a contemporary way. Part of that is not only the promotion of ideas, flexibility, productivity and motivation, but also the consideration of individuality, comfort and health.

What might tomorrow's office look like? Alongside numerous discussions and lectures real scenarios will offer an outlook: 25 "theme islands", Orgatec Visions Of Work, present situations about themes like added value real estate, individuality in the office, comfort at the work place and corporate health, lighting concepts, acoustics and IT integration in tomorrow's working worlds, as well as real situations with partners from the fields of service, trade and industry.