Objektive 04 is the exhibition and event program accompanying the Orgatec: the design and architecture of the current working worlds are presented
One space, four stories, for 20 flexible workstations that can be combined: Schilling Architekten, Gereonswall 75, D–50670 Köln


Today's Working Worlds: Objektive 04

The off-program of Orgatec "Objektive 04 – Deisgn + Objekt in Köln" offers a series of projects that document the design of today's working worlds.


As a program and contrast accompanying "Tomorrow's Working Worlds" at Orgatec, the Objektive 04 shows how architecture and design influence and shape the working world "today already". Numerous projects and exhibitions in interior design stores and showrooms form a tour about the current trends in the "Office". In addition, visitors get an insight into actual working worlds: Cologne Offices is a tour with open offices, exclusive tours and previews of the daily work in special buildings. Altogether, 22 stations are offered to the visitors.


You can find a list of the Cologne Offices and showrooms as well as a city map at www.voggenreiter.com/objektive.