The Biennale for Interior Design takes place for the 19th time this year
James Irvine has made designs for the most diverse companies: from B&B Italia to IKEA to Thonet and Mercedes Benz
Kirsti Paakkanen took over the management of the textile and accessories company Marimekko in 1991. Since then, the company has seen steady growth
The logo of the biennale shows Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, also known as Trezzo or Caravaggio


Interieur 04 in Kortrijk, Belgium

The Interior 04 – Biennale for Interior Design – will take place from October 15-24, 2004 in Kortrijk, Belgium. This year, there are two guests of honor: James Irvine and Kirsi Paakkanen.


This year, the biennale will take place for the 19th time. The motto for 2004 is: Design for everybody. The focus of interest is not how the designers experience design but how consumers experience it. Successful design only results from the dialogue between those who create it. Perhaps that is the reason there are two guests of honor this year: the Finnish designer Kirsti Paakannen from Marimekko and the British designer James Irvine. But certainly, a successful personality from the corporate world and one from the world of design were invited because the magic word of the new millennium is "synergy", and because big hopes are placed on cooperations that shall overcome economic and creative crises.

Since Kirsti Paakkanen took over the management of Marimekko in 1991, the company has seen strong, steady growth. Her realignment of all business procedures made a decisive contribution. James Irvine talks about the lack of dialogue in the design of many products in his contribution to the book "Design in the 21st Century" (ed. Ch. & P. Fiell, Taschen 2003): every specialist sees only his own field. For the future, Irvine announces a new species of "thinkers" who are able to unite various disciplines and thus provide products with a new relevance.

The proportions of beauty are a guiding motto of the fair. The design of the biennale matches this motto: Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man represents this year's event. And, characteristically, not as a single man but multiplied into a pattern creating an entire collection of men, each one looking like the other: a society of "everybodies" has been created and thus the connection with the motto "Design for everybody".

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