Exhibition: “Ornament and Promise” in Frankfurt

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt presents the exhibition “Ornament und Versprechen. Postmoderne und Memphis im Rückblick” (“Ornament and Promise. A Review of Post-Modernism and Memphis”) from November 4 until February 27, 2005.


The Vienna architect Adolf Loos formulated the tractate “Ornament und Verbrechen” (“Ornament and Crime”), which legitimized the fact that decors and ornaments were a taboo. It had a widespread effect, from the Deutsche Werkbund and Bauhaus to the Ulm School and functionalism. Decades later, two movements came along to counter functionalism, which was perceived as cold, technocratic and unidirectionally rational, as an aesthetic reaction: post-modernism and Memphis.

The Museum for Applied Arts Frankfurt presents a critical appraisal of these two movements. About 150 design objects present the colorful and narrative style.