Two layers of conducting material in wood: lamps can be connected to "wood.e" without a problem
Bjørn Blisse, Folker Königbauer, Reinhard Zetsche: the design office transalpin
"wood.e" can be used in versatile ways


Electrically Conducting Shaped "wood.e"

The design office transalpin presents the electrically conducting shaped "wood.e" as a new material: pressed wood with two conductor layers.


Two metal layers in the wood offer the possibility to add electrical conduct. 12V power is fed to the metal layers via one connector, and elements can be connected via another – lamps, spotlights, fans and more can be hooked up, depending on the use: the material of "wood.e" can be shaped as a shelf, table or light sculpture – or as a combination of these applications. "wood.e" is even conceivable as a semi-finished product as panels.

Bjørn Blisse, Folker Königbauer and Reinhard Zetsche make up the design office transalpin. Alongside many other products the "Powerflower" water dispenser is a transalpin design produced by Koziol. It received the red dot design award: best of the best 2001.