Women's shoes citing football: Portiere Wn’s, Puma, Germany, 2004. Photo: © Puma
"Sporty" lines in everyday life: toothbrush Candida White Medio, Bürstenfabrik Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland, 1999. Photo: © HGKZ photography department
The NOKIA 5100 is not only robust enough for outdoor activities; it also alludes to "sporty" design. Photo: © HGKZ photography department
Sportgeräte – ästhetisch oder funktional oder beides? Brems-/Schalthebel von Shimano, Japan/Holland, 2003. Foto: © HGKZ Studienbereich Fotografie
Crafts meet high-tech: profile of a skiff's top, Stämpfli Racing Boats, Switzerland, 1988–2004. Photo: © HGKZ photography department

Exhibition: "Sports Design" in Zurich

The Museum for Design in Zurich investigates various fields of sports design. The exhibition "Sportdesign – Zwischen Style und Engineering" (Sports Design – Between Style and Engineering) will be shown from November 13, 2004 until March 13, 2005.


Streamlined form and dynamics as far as the eye can see: from wireless phones to toothbrushes, razors and computers – numerous everyday objects suggest forms that seem to be derived from sports, although as products they have nothing at all to do with sports. A dynamic line signifies sportiness and youth, which promote sales. Contrary to that, the improvement of performance stands in the foreground of the design of sports equipment. The exhibition shows the "beauty" that is created through the engineering.

Four categories are the cornerstones of the investigated design: history, presence, style and engineering. The exhibition is divided into 18 segments, which present the various designs of the sports equipment, sports gear and sports communication. Among the highlights is a 35 m long wall where a unique sneaker review is presented with 150 pairs from the past 100 years. The clearly reveals the fact that the borders between fashion and sports have become increasingly ambiguous: only 20% of the sneakers sold each year are worn for sports, and fashion designers refer to football or running shoes in their shoe designs. Another highlight is the development of racing bicycles and bobsleds over the past 120 years, which the exhibition documents. The conflict between innovation and regulations becomes tangible.

Framework program accompanying the exhibition:

Podium discussions with famous and successful representatives from the various sectors.

November 17, 2004, 8 p.m.: "Sports shoes – Technology and lifestyle on feet"

December 16, 2004, 7 p.m.: "Design as a physical exercise"

January 12, 2005, 8 p.m.: "Building bicycles – Riding bicycles"

February 9, 2005, 8 p.m.: "Top sports and high speed"

March 9, 2005, 8 p.m.: "Marketing and personality cult"


"Sportdesign – Zwischen Style und Engineering"

Hall, from November 13, 2004 until march 13, 2005

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Ausstellungsstraße 60

CH - 8005 Zürich



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