Catalogue series „Crop“, Segura Inc., Chicago, USA
„Stadt- und Bürgerkommunikation – Ein Corporate Identity–Konzept für die Stadt Wuppertal“ (“City and citizen communication – a corporate identity concept for the City of Wuppertal”), Nicolas Markwald & Nina Neusitzer, Wuppertal
“Wörlitz. Ein Hort der Toleranz” (‘Wörlitz. A stronghold of tolerance“), Heye & Partner, Unterhaching
„Wer`s glaubt wird selig?“ (“Blessed are those who believe?”), Jäger & Jäger, Überlingen
„Save your face!”, Daniel Janssen, Hamburg
„“, Niels Schrader, Amsterdam


Oscar atmosphere in the communication design scene

Friday: Presentation of prizes of the red dot award: communication design

The big day is approaching: Six nominees long feverishly for the presentation of prizes of the ‘red dot award: communication design’ this coming Friday. It is not until the presentation of prizes that the announcement will be made which of them will be in the limelight of the industry as the winners of the two special prizes ‘red dot: grand prix’ and ‘red dot: junior prize’.


Flight tickets and hotel rooms have been booked, and the problem of what to wear in the centre of attention has been largely solved by the nominees. Now excitement and anticipation are predominant.

In particular for Daniel Janssen, the Nina Neusitzer team and Nicolas Markwald as well as Niels Schrader, who compete for the best student work, the ‘red dot: junior prize’, the night holds great opportunities: These young designers will attract the attention of the trade, which will give them a decisive advantage for their career start compared to other graduates. In addition to that, the winner will receive a prize of Euro 2,500, which has been sponsored by the Alliance of German Designers (AGD).

However, also for such experienced design offices as Heye & Partner, Jäger & Jäger and Carlos Segura of Segura Inc., who will come from Chicago especially for the presentation of prizes, the nomination for the ‘red dot: grand prix’ is a great distinction in itself. Out of the 2,936 entries, their works have been proposed for this honorary prize as the best of the overall competition. They all hope to be the lucky winners and to receive the Euro 10,000 cheque on stage at the end of the evening. The sponsor is the Essen-based company Krenzler Graf Biermann, one of the chief agencies of the Allianz insurance company in Germany.

The prize-winners will be honoured on Friday 3 December 2004 from 6:00pm in the Essen Philharmonic Concert Hall. Almost 1,000 prominent figures from the design world are expected. Following the presentation of prizes, the ‘red dot award: communication design 2004’ special exhibition will be opened. After that, the celebrations will continue into the small hours at the Late Night Party in the ‘cathedral of industrial culture’, the atmospheric stoker’s position in the Zollverein colliery’s boiler house, in which the red dot design museum is located.

The red dot design award is organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. With its more than 4,500 entries in the two main categories ‘red dot award: product design’ and ‘red dot award: communication design’, it is the largest international design competition and belongs to the most renowned competitions worldwide.

Information on special price nominees

red dot: grand prix and red dot: junior prize

For the red dot: grand prix are nominated:

“Wörlitz. Ein Hort der Toleranz”, Heye & Partner, Unterhaching

The goal of the “Wörlitz. Ein Hort der Toleranz” (‘Wörlitz. A stronghold of tolerance“) advertising campaign, which was created by the Heye & Partner agency in 2003, was to make the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, which has been part of the World Cultural Heritage since 2000, more widely known and to attract more visitors to this region. The scenes play with combinations of nature photography of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz and the impressive history of the region. The photographs by the photographer Lutz Winkler from Leipzig and the texts by Karl Armer create a synthesis between the history of the Garden Kingdom, which is characterised by the formative influence of its architect Prince Leopold III Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau as well as his values such as tolerance, equality and freedom, and the present, in which these values have again become highly relevant.

„Wer`s glaubt wird selig?“, Jäger & Jäger, Überlingen

The client of the “Wer`s glaubt wird selig?“ (“Blessed are those who believe?”) exhibition design was the Cistercian Monastery of Zwettl in Lower Austria, which was looking for a design concept for a permanent exhibition on the subject of “the miracles of Jesus Christ” in the buildings of the monastery. In cooperation with theological advisers and historians, the subject of the exhibition, “the miracles of Jesus Christ”, was interpreted in many different ways, brought into the present and was atmospherically presented with light installations. A complex, infrared-operated audio-tour guides the visitors through the exhibition in the vault of the Monastery and permanently offers further interpretation aides for individual installations.

Catalogue series „CROP”, Segura Inc., Chicago

“CROP” is a large format product catalogue series for the client Corbis Stock Photography. There have been seven produced to date as part of a re-branding effort. The catalogues include an extraordinary amount of different papers, printing techniques and varied content, all in specially produced packaging. Founder and principal of the design company Segura Inc. is Carlos Segura, who is also the creative director of the “CROP” catalogues. After working for more than a decade in several prominent agencies such as HCM Marsteller, Young & Rubicam, DDB Needham or BBDO, both in Pittsburgh and Chicago, Carlos decided to pursue a more creative approach to design by founding his own firm in 1991.

For the red dot: junior prize are nominated:

„Save your face!”, Daniel Janssen, Hamburg

The film “Save your face!” is a fictitious commercial with social content for Amnesty International. Brutal war scenes are displayed in sequence. A soldier is decorated with medals for his “merits”. With each medal, a piece of him disappears until he loses his face. The violent war scenes are enhanced by the effect of air-brushed stencils. The distorted background song, “Amazing Grace” only adds to the oppressive atmosphere.

„Stadt- und Bürgerkommunikation – Ein Corporate Identity–Konzept für die Stadt Wuppertal“ (“City and citizen communication – a corporate identity concept for the City of Wuppertal”), Nicolas Markwald & Nina Neusitzer, Wuppertal

In their dissertation, Nicolas Markwald and Nina Neusitzer have created a holistic corporate identity concept for the City of Wuppertal. The idea behind it was to improve the city’s communication culture with a new design, or a virtual image respectively, to strengthen its image and competitiveness in relation to other cities. Thus, the work includes different aspects, which refer to city and citizen communication. Starting off with a new corporate design, the two developed a new city logo, business papers design, certificates, tickets, brochures, advertising and press material, signs, a communication set for new citizens and local residents and an on-line citizen service with mobile services provided by the city.

„“, Niels Schrader, Amsterdam

With, the designer Niels Schrader has created a highly innovative web-site, which focuses on the interaction with the user. This intention is clearly supported by the reduction of colours. The web-site is essentially characterised by different shades of grey, only some pieces of information are emphasised in blue. Frames structure the site into a grid of horizontal and vertical information cells, the readability of which is dependent on their respective size. It is the user’s task to enlarge the different cells by interaction, to complete content and make links visible.