Junior Prize 2004: „Save your face!“

This year the “red dot: junior prize” for the best and most original undergraduate work in the field of photography, graphic design and communication design goes to Daniel Janssen from Hamburg for his TV commercial, “Save your face!” For the fifth time now, the AGD Alliance of German Designers has donated the prize money of 2,500 euros. The internet site, www.slewe.nl from Niels Schrader in Amsterdam was also nominated here as was the work “Stadt- und Bürgerkommunikation – ein Corporate-Identity-Konzept für die Stadt Wuppertal” from Nicolas Markwald and Nina Neusitzer from Wuppertal.

The film “Save your face!” is a fictitious commercial with social content for Amnesty International. Brutal war scenes are displayed in sequence. A soldier is decorated with medals for his “merits”. With each medal, a piece of him disappears until he loses his face. The violent war scenes are enhanced by the effect of air-brushed stencils. The distorted background song, “Amazing Grace” only adds to the oppressive atmosphere.

The jury was very impressed: “The winner of the ‘red dot: junior prize’ has won our unbounded recognition for this amazing work. The precise, dramaturgical and unambiguous statement of the film leaves you breathless. The senselessness of war cannot be presented in a clearer way.”

Daniel Janssen, born in 1973, worked as a professional engraver in Düsseldorf and has been studying communication design at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (University of Applied Sciences) in Hamburg since 2000. The film is his studio work for one semester. In addition to his studies, Janssen is working in the fields of print design, type design, and screen design at his own design office: www.bfgjanssen.de.