Terrace photo. UlmerMuseum/HfG Archiv Ulm
Braun Sixtant razor. UlmerMuseum/HfG Archiv Ulm
Braun SK 4. UlmerMuseum/HfG Archiv Ulm
TV set. UlmerMuseum/HfG Archiv Ulm


Exhibition: "Birth of the Cool" in Copenhagen

The Museum for Art and Industry in Copenhagen presents design processes of the Ulm School of Design until January 9, 2005 in the exhibition "Birth of the Cool."


The style of HfG Ulm (1953-68) is described as a "descendent of the Bauhaus." The school became famous as a research-based design school whose methods and models were based on rational and analytical concepts, with a stringent, sober and minimalist design style. The students of HfG worked on projects for companies like Audi, Lamy, Gardena and Zwilling, and always preserved a radically functionalistic signature. "Less is more" – whether in the case of a record player, cafeteria cutlery or train schedules.


"Birth of the Cool" presents backgrounds, sketches, models, student's projects and teachers' research projects in cooperation with the Ulm Museum / HfG Archives. In addition, a large selection of German products documents the "cool" design. Students of the Denmark Design School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture investigated today's validity of the Ulm methods in spring 2004. The resulting projects are presented alongside Danish product design from the 1960s, which is compared with the German products and demonstrates that the "cool" had an enormous influence there, too.


Birth of the Cool.

The Heritage of Bauhaus: The Ulm School of Design and Danish Product Design.

Bis 9. Januar 2005

Kunst und Industrie Museum

Bredgare 68

DK-1260 Kopenhagen