The new 3 Series
The new 3 Series
The new 3 Series interior


The new BMW 3 Series Sedan

This spring the new BMW 3 Series makes its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show.


With the new 3 Series, the last missing member of the new generation closes the previous gap in the design spectrum of the brand. With interplay of concave and convex surfacing as well as strong reflections of light and dark, the 3 Series matches the design language of the Z4 and the 1 Series. Characteristic features are the short overhangs, the greenhouse moved far to the back, as well as the long engine compartment lid. Larger both outside and inside, the interior is bright, spacious and generous.

In figures: the length of the new 3 Series is 4,520 millimetres (+ 49 mm over the former model); width is 1,817 millimetres (+ 78 mm); and height is 1,421 millimetres (+ 6 mm). The wheelbase measures 2,760 millimetres (+ 35 mm).

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