Colours in Cologne

One thing is clear: Green is the trend colour. Otherwise, there is a lack of orientation in regards to colour, which means it will be colourful.

The trend toward green could already be observed in Milan. This year, green presents itself in even brighter and warmer shades: from May-green to a strongly lime green with large portions of yellow. Green asserts itself as a strong opposing trend to its complementary colour red.

The colour red, which has also been dominating last year, is still prominent in its total spectrum. As an echo of the flower power colours, bright shades of orange and red are still fashionable and are often combined with a brilliant, gaudy pink.

The warm colours of the 1970s are also influencing the natural hues. Colours such as espresso-brown are often combined with light cream hues; a combination which creates a discreet elegance. Sensitive cream and sand hues convey naturalness and are particularly used for upholsteries with structures.

Last year, the trend to the 1980s already became obvious, and this year strong black and white contrasts win through as a reflection on the 1980s, as well as warm shades of grey with a portion of red.

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