The 9th European International Design Management Conference

The Design Management Institute (DMI), Boston, is holding the European Conference for the 9th time. This year’s event takes place in Great Britain. From March 9-11, 2005, practitioners and guests gather at the Kensington Marriott/Royal College of Art, London, to attend the conference under the theme “Innovation/05: The Innovation Economy.“


The conference focuses on the question what the role of design in the Innovation Economy will be. The event opens with the key lecture “Innovative Leadership: Braun’s Future Vision“ held by Eric Armour, President Braun GmbH. Further topics at this year’s conference are:

“Digital Transformation: Innovate or Die”

Paul Porter, Director, Corporate Design and Usability, Eastman Kodak Company

“Innovation: What's Design Got to Do with It?”

Bettina Von Stamm, Ph.D., Catalyst, Innovation Leadership Forum

“Meeting the Expectations of Women: The New Standard of Automobile Design”

Maria Widell Christiansen, YCC Project Manager of Design, Volvo Cars Corporation

“The Making of Design Champions: Lessons Learned from Building a European Design Culture at P&G”

Mark Barngrover, Director, Design Department, Procter & Gamble Co.

“Partners in Innovation: How Design Universities Can Bridge the Knowledge Gap”

Jeremy Myerson, Director of Innovation RCA, Royal College of Art

“AUA: Designing the Strategy of the Company”

Jaime Moreno, CEO, Mormedi

“Sony: A New Era?”

Phillip Rose, Senior Manager Product design & Human Interface Design, Sony Design Centre

“Integrating Industrial Design and Marketing: Nice Couples or False Friends?”

Lisbeth Svengren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Business, Stockholm University

“Is Innovation an Old Idea?”

Oscar Peña Angarita, Director, Philips Design, Royal Philips Electronics

“Managing Innovations”

Matthew White, Design Consultant

“Proof: The Evidence that Design Drives Business Growth”

Harry Rich, Director, Deputy Chief Executive, Design Council

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