Better by Design 2005 – Conference (March 29-31, 2005)

The conference “Better by Design 2005” is being held on March 29-31, 2005 at the SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. The title reflects the content of the programme: the three-day conference explores how design-led strategy can give companies a sustainable competitive edge.


In today's marketplace, there will always be manufacturers who can offer products for less money. Yet, to succeed and to win market share and margin, businesses must deliver customers something better, something that clearly is different to what the competition can offer. Design has a critical and strategic role to play in achieving this. “Better by Design 2005” will demonstrate the strategic use of design as a means to increase the competitive edge on the international market.

Tom Peters, whose book “In Search of Excellence“ published in 1982, became a best-seller, and who was called “Un-guru of management” by Fortune Magazine,” will be the leading lecturer of an intensive “Business Bootcamp” conference, in which internationally renowned experts from the world of business and design describe how companies can make design part of the their business strategy.

All key lecturers at the conference are luminaries from the world of business and design:

Tom Peters

Tom Peters’ first lecture The Age of “Ohmygod!” talks about design as the principal reason for emotional attachment or detachment. Leadership by Design: Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition is the business context for design. In his second lecture, Tom Peters describes how design can be a strategic tool, to set oneself apart from the competition by design, and to operate a design-mindful company.

Tim Brown, President and CEO of IDEO

The designer Tim Brown, who is recipient of numerous design awards and whose designs have been exhibited at galleries and museum in Tokyo and in London, is Chief Executive Officer and President of IDEO. In his lecture Innovation by Design, Tim Brown talks about the role design plays in successful product and business innovation (including goods and services) from conception to production and consumption. Mastering Innovation is the title of his second lecture.

Chuck Pelly, BMW/Designworks USA

Chuck Pelly is founder of Designworks/USA and co-founder of The Design Academy Inc, a multidisciplinary consulting group. In his lecture Driven by Design, Chuck Pelly talks about where design fits within organisational structures and cultures, and the necessary cultural inputs to a successful design-driven output.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, President, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec is President of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen and of the red dot GmbH & Co KG. He is creator and founder of the internationally renowned “red dot design award” and President Elect of ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design). In his lecture ROI= Return On Ideas, Dr. Peter Zec talks about the hidden laws of design and communication, proving that a decision for design is a decision for quality. He will point out that the assessment of quality and the search for expertise in design are highly creative, decision-making processes.

Yrjö Sotamaa, Rector, University of Art and Design Helsinki

Since 1986, Yrjö Sotamaa has been Rector of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. As a visiting professor, he lectures regularly in many universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In his publications, articles and lectures, Sotamaa has extensively discussed topics such as the role of design as a strategic resource, design management, the evolution of the information society, and research in design. His lecture at the conference has the title Design in Transition: The Finnish Strategy.

John Heskett, Professor, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Under the title Better by Design, John Heskett, the internationally renowned scholar of design history and author of numerous publications, discusses both in-house design and the use of design consultants. His present research includes a study with a particular focus on the theme "Economics and Design."

Only a limited number of places are remaining to attend the “Better by Design” conference, so please make sure to register in time.

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