Interdesign 2005 Sustainable Rural Transport (April 3-16, 2005)

The Design Institute South Africa is holding the ICSID Interdesign Workshop with the theme "Sustainable Rural Transport – Technology for Developing Countries." The workshop will take place from April 3-16, 2005 in South Africa.


The ICSID Interdesign Workshop is a forum, in which mid-career designers from different countries and cultures work together with local experts for an intensive two-week period, exploring design issues of national, regional and global importance. The Interdesign Workshops explore issues of international importance, aiming at innovative and sustainable solutions.

The Workshop “Sustainable Rural Transport – Technology for Developing Countries” is held in Rustenberg, in the North West province of South Africa, near the border of Botswana. During the workshop, the issue of rural transport will be considered against the background of the social, managerial, and environmental aspects as well as sustainability, focusing on low-cost, non-motorised mobility solutions and multidisciplinary outcomes.

The main theme, “Sustainable Rural Transport – Technology for Developing Countries,” has been divided into the following focus areas:

- Bicycles and Tricycles

- Animal drawn carts

- Alternative modes of transport

- A communication project to inform the local communities on transport issues.

The focus areas will be approached keeping in mind:

- gender issues

- the transport of goods as well as passengers (elderly, handicapped, trauma & non-emergency patients and tourists)

- the creation of job opportunities and business opportunities

Focussing on these areas of rural transport will enable the designers to address acknowledged rural transport challenges in South Africa and tap into current rural transport projects with existing project plans.

The deadline to register for the workshop has already passed, and the group leaders/tutors and members have been assigned. About 60 participants are expected. An important novelty to the workshop is the group on Communication Design, which consists of participants from Japan, Russia, Israel, Europe and America.

For detailed information on the ICSID Interdesign Workshop, please visit: www.interdesign2005.org.za

Overviews of the interim outcomes of the workshop are available online for designers around the world. For the latest reports on the ICSID Interdesign Workshop 2005, please visit: www.interdesign2005.org.za