red dot award: design concept 2005: and the winners are…

“There lacks an effective way to connect talent with opportunity and great concepts to industry. The red dot design award for design concepts recognises and promotes the high potential and creative energies of a new generation of young talent, designers, and ambitious design companies.” With this basis, the red dot award: design concept was launched.


In less than a year of preparation, the competition and adjudication has come and gone. The results are an exciting insight to what the future will hold.

The jury panel had a tough debate during the adjudication process, however, the debate yielded several dominant themes. Encouraging shared experiences, the additional possibilities that could be explored from a single concept, the use of space and updating the old using cutting edge technology.

Portfolio-case ‘vouwkoffer’ by Melle Hammer is one design that impressed our jury with the sheer simplicity of its design; it prompted us to ask “why didn’t I think of that?” Starting out as a flat piece of corrugated paper, simple folds turn it into an elegant portfolio bag.

La by 2 Russian design students, Anton Beltiukov and Stanislav Karachentsev, bring us pull-out walls and furniture redefining our view of space and how we can use and decorate it.

In search of Identity is the fascinating navigational multimedia system built by Nikolai Cornell. Say good bye tiny TV screens that talk at you, this interactive, multimedia navigational system is life-sized, in your face and is set to change the face of road shows and yes, museum exhibitions.

Ahn Sang-Gyuen, a Korean designer living in the USA, looked ahead of what the bicycle of the future should look like and then threw us back into the past, but with an all new refreshing innovation!

Martin Meier and Roger Bischof are looking to helping airlines serve their passengers better, foodwise. Their pluggable galley concept will release airlines from their dependence on just one kitchen company.

While there are young individuals in this list making their mark in the design world, we also have well-known brands and manufacturers who are constantly evolving to be future trend-setters in design.

Asus Design redesigns the intelligent home. Intel surprises by building some hardware around their world famous chips.

The Innovation Design Center of Lenovo Group eschews boring black and makes retro cool. The change is not just superficial, the operational display system in Lenovo’s new design concept draws on thousands of years of history.

And Philips Design teaches us how lights can interpret mood and gives us an insight into the energy of a public space.

There are numerous excellent entries from 32 countries this year and they are not mere adaptations of current products but truly innovative ideas. These ambitious designers have been able to wow our jury in the first year of competition, but that only sets the bar higher for next year.

The winners will be celebrated at the red dot award ceremony on the 17th November at the new red dot design museum in Singapore.  The winning design concepts will be unveiled at the red dot design museum in Singapore on the same night. The award-winning works will be exhibited in the special exhibition “International Design Concepts 2005 – red dot award: design concept” from 17 November to 16 December 2005 in the Singapore red dot design museum. The new yearbook: International Design Concepts 2005 will also be launched at the same time.

A highlight of the award celebration will be the announcement of the red dot: luminary winners. The red dot: luminary is a special prize given to the best of each entrant category and has a USD5,000 reward attached to it.

Nominees for this year’s competition are the red dot: best of the best winners:

  • In Search of Identity by Nikolai Cornell
  • origa-papercut clothing by Revital Kedmi
  • Polo by Andrian Pranata and William Mathovani
  • Portfolio-case 'vouwkoffer' by Melle Hammer
  • Touching Time by Paul Bosveld
  • Umbrella, Shadowless Operating Lamp System by Lu Zhi Ye
  • What Utopia Can Technology Bring?: Organs for trade by Daphne Chan
  • Yoga and Connection Touch by Innovation Design Center of Lenovo Group
  • Freewill by Ahn Sang-Gyuen
  • Skid Scooter by Yong Jie Yu

Today, the entries and results validate the creation of the red dot design award for design concepts. For its inaugural year, the competition has garnered 638 entries from 32 countries, out of this number, 50 designs are awarded the red dot, while 10 have been presented with the red dot: best of the best award. For the red dot: luminary, 3 winners will be at the ceremony and celebrations will likely continue to the early hours of the next day.