New: german design standards Volume 2

german design standards Volume 2

german design is known around the world for quality standards often associated with the Bauhaus and the HfG Ulm. But what is representative of german design today – how does it combine tradition with concepts for the future? “german design standards Volume 2” features a selection of the most important German companies with detailed portraits and current products. The chapters Living, Wellness and Lifestyle, Work, Light and Building, Mobility, Communication, Technology and New Materials as well as the special chapter “Ambassadors of german design” show that current german design is highly versatile. It sets trends on an international level, shaping the global lifestyle.


With much expert knowledge and an eye for interesting detail, the author Peter Zec in this book maps out a sophisticated overview of german design. He elucidates and comments on both the background and the most important developments in german design up to the present and also discusses prospects for the future – a future that, due to major national and global changes, poses enormous challenges to german design. In detailed interviews, directors of design schools and design museums, as well as renowned designers Kenji Ekuan and Dieter Rams, talk about what they understand by german design and what it means to them. This book presents current german design as it is: highly innovative and internationally successful.

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