S. Siedle & Söhne

Siedle was established around the year 1750 as a foundry for bells and clock parts. Toward the end of the 19th century, the company reoriented to focus on telegraph technology, in the 1930s they specialised on telephones and interphones. Today they manufacture anything, that allows communication in and around the house. Siedle is the German and European leader in this range of the market.

Since the 1970s, the medium-sized company has consistently developed and realised a distinctive Corporate Identity. A pioneering achievement that is associated with two names at the company: Eberhard Meurer, responsible for product design, corporate design, and visual communication since 1975, and Horst Siedle, the owner and managing director. The design director is member of the management and has an important, often decisive voice in product development and brand management.

Siedle's system design is much more than the simple design of products. It seizes the entire enterprise and forms every aspect of the company's appearance. Siedle owes not only numerous design awards to this consistent approach but also a large part of its economic success.

Siedle-Steel Communication system, 2003
Siedle, Furtwangen
Design: Eberhard Meurer

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