Tobias Grau GmbH

The desk lamp BILL is a classic two-armed articulated lamp. It comes as a choice between a medium-voltage halogen lamp with a round head and an energy-saving lamp with a lengthwise head. The lamp stands out due to its high and easy flexibility and due to the possibility of adjusting the lamp head to the user's needs. Thus the lamp's handle can be repositioned by a simple movement of the hand from the left side to the right. The lamp's position on the table as well as its operation by right-handers and left-handers can therefore be freely selected. The lamp head is embedded in a spherical joint and thus easily adjustable. The minimised shape style and the reserved design create the lamp's timeless character. It can be used as a desk lamp, floor lamp, clamp lamp or wall lamp. The spring mechanism is hidden in the aluminium casing. The on-off switch is located directly on the lamp's handle constituting a marked sign to recognise it by.

Bill Lamp, 2002
Tobias Grau GmbH, Rellingen
Design: Tobias Grau, Rellingen

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