"Die mutige Pionierin", Nestro AG, Netzwerk für Kommunikation, Zug
"Die Mutige Pionierin", Nestro AG, Netzwerk für Kommunikation, Zug
"Trotzdem", advertising agency Klaus E. Küster GmbH
"Trotzdem", advertising agency Klaus E. Küster GmbH
Poster Decodeunicode, University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Decodeunicode, University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Decodeunicode, University of Applied Sciences Mainz


Nominees for the red dot: grand prix

When it comes to the honorary prizes, the suspense continues, because the winner of the red dot: grand prix, which is worth Euro 10,000 and goes to the best work in the competition, will not be announced before the festive award ceremony on 23 November in the Essen Philharmonic Concert Hall. For the red dot: grand prix three works have been nominated.


“Die mutige Pionierin”, Nestro AG, Netzwerk für Kommunikation, Zug

This extraordinary biography presents the equally extraordinary life of the one hundred year old geologist and palaeontologist Warda Bleser-Bircher. The biography’s innovative overall concept goes beyond the classical description of life and follows the multilayeredness of the multimedia age. Seven brochures, one for each stage of life, report about an eventful life between research and travelling, politics and private life. The linear narration is combined with original quotes from Bleser-Bircher and illustrated historical research, which are supplemented acoustically on a compact disc. The design supports the woven structure and the organisation of the different pieces of information and forms an original contrast to a hundred year history, which is aimed at giving the younger generation a better understanding.

The Nestro AG, an agency Public Relations and Communications in Zug, Switzerland, was founded in 1986. Their self-conception is the idea of a network that brings together the most different people to create new and innovative communication solutions.

“Trotzdem”, Klaus E. Küster GmbH advertising agency

The short film “Trotzdem” (“Nevertheless”) is an advertising film for the Porsche brand and company. The unusual opening sequence presents the Porsche Carrera GT like being on a maiden trip not as usual on the raod, but on rails. The film shows how a Porsche Carrera GT is loaded onto a train and transported through Germany. The guiding word “Nevertheless” and shots from different development processes appear again and again, thus strengthening the innovative power and drive of Porsche. The Carrera GT becomes a symbol of the company’s philosophy and its business success. The film looks back at the company’s origins as well as into the future to forthcoming developments and successes of Porsche. “Trotzdem” (“Nevertheless”) is a short film by Jeanette Kohl, Werbeagentur Klaus E. Küster GmbH advertising agency.

The Klaus E. Küster Werbeagentur GmbH was founded 11 years ago. The founder and eponym, Klaus Erich Küster, was in search for new challenges when he founded the agency. Since 1994, the Klaus E. Küster Werbeagentur GmbH collaborates successfully with the Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG. Besides, there are further leading manufacturers, such as TUI AG, Schüco International KG, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG as well as hansgrohe and The Boston Consulting Group GmbH, as regular customers.

“DECODEUNICODE”, University of Applied Sciences Mainz

DECODEUNICODE describes a complex system of signs which attempts to meet the requirements of today’s global communication. At first, the sign system, which is displayed on a 1,2m by 1,8m poster, has a confusingly complex effect on the onlooker. Only when looking closely, Arabic ligatures, Chinese ideographs, German Umlauts and many more symbols unfold. The digital online-platform creates a basis for fundamental typographical research to give the computer user access to all worldwide sign systems. The foundation stone of DECODEUNICODE are research results from a number of seminars of Professor Johannes Bergerhausen and the designer Siri Poarangan in the subjects of typography and book design held at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. In a first level, which is already accessible, the coding standard defines more than 50,000 characters and has been defined a world standard. DECODEUNICODE is an open-science-project which is based on the participation of the online user. The information input results from the wiki-principle, which is successfully used by the Encyclopedia Wikipedia for years. All interested user can use decodeunicode.org for comfortable research, for writing their own articles or editing articles.

Sponsor of the prize-money

The prize-money of Euro 10,000 for the winner of the red dot: grand prix has
been sponsored by the Essen-based company Krenzler Graf Biermann oHG, the main sponsor of this year’s competition and one of the largest general agencies of the Allianz Insurance Company in Germany. With this collaboration the company has continued its longstanding successful co-operation with the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.