Design Tendencies 2006

Celebrating the return of Baroque
The trend to minimalism throughout the 1990s is being replaced by opulence. After last year's presentations of baroque homages by well-known protagonists like Capellini with the “New Antiques” chair or Sawaya & Moroni with the collection ”Barock ’n’ Roll ”, baroque elements are finding their way into the entire furniture industry.

The trend to resort to nostalgic elements is based upon fulfilling the consumers desire for well-established values and the security associated with them, and meanwhile this trend has become a significant economical factor. The tendency towards a new Baroque era is reflected in particular in specific ornamental designs and patterns but is also expressed in lush round forms and luxurious materials.


“Multifunctional” furniture and the attempt at innovation
In the furniture industry, demands as to the volume of produced commodities have reached a point of saturation. As we witness a continuous reduction in the European population due to declining birth rates, increased demand can only be brought about by enhancing product quality, introducing design innovations, and improvements in general. But here in particular, in a non-technical field, genuine innovations can only be introduced with difficulties. Many producers try to solve this problem by consistently enhancing their products with additional features. The result of such measures are, for instance, so-called “multifunctional” pieces of furniture which can be, in one way or another, warped, extended, or shortened. Most of these ideas are not really new, but the producer generates new communications features in this way which are supposed to incite the pivotal buying impulse in the consumer.


Light cast in living quarters
The lighting industry belongs to the European trade branches with dynamic growth. The potential influence light exerts on the well-being and living quality of man is evaluated as increasingly significant.  In the field of wellness in particular, the therapeutic effects of light gain in importance more and more, and in the wellness movement – meanwhile all-embracing – the subject of light has taken on whole new market dimensions.

In the trade branch “lighting and illumination” new products come into existence primarily due to new technologies; consequently, more and more producers engage in investments in research and innovations. The ”light emitting diode” (LED) conquers more and more fields of application, bearing an enormous potential for growth and innovation.

With this in mind, presentation and performance of light in living quarters gains in significance. Lamps and lights are increasingly introduced and utilised as sculptures and other objects of art. New interpretations of the baroque chandelier combine modern materials with traditional and established forms. Similar to the field of table- and dinnerware however, lamps and lights are simply being supplemented with decorative elements such as lamp shades with colourful print patterns. In doing so, investments in completely new product developments can be bypassed, yet the existing product can be varied in a cost-saving way.

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