“Think global, act local” – new trends in interior design and tableware

Globalisation is a phenomenon that dominates and characterises our age. Due to the worldwide network of commerce and communication we can communicate and exchange knowledge across all borders. Additionally, the global travel markets have recorded continuous growth almost for years. But the significance of regional, cultural identities also increases to the extent to which the interest in foreign cultures and far-away countries grows.


The market is looking for answers to this development and tries to find a globally valid language of forms which consists of global as well as local elements. In this context, the dialogue between eastern and western stylistic elements is gaining increasing significance.

However, in times of saturated markets, falling demand and constantly decreasing turnover the fight for customers and quality is harder than ever. The consumers demand increasingly better products, a larger range and an even faster, more personal service, preferably at lower costs – an enormous challenge for both manufacturers and retailers. It is not only this development which makes design increasingly more important in the household goods industry. Design is becoming the decisive factor when it comes to successfully attracting customers and creating customer loyalty.

red dot has prepared an overview for you of the most important general design trends as well as those regarding forms, colours and materials for the fields of interior design and tableware.

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