From left to right: The former Icsid president, Dr. Yuri Soloviev, the current Icsid president, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and the president of the Russian association of designers, Yuri Nazarov


red dot on tour in Moscow

red dot on tour in Moscow. Good product design is increasingly gaining in significance – this also holds true for the Russian market. The event organiser Restec with headquarters in St. Petersburg and Moscow has recognised this trend, and with the red dot design award it invited one of the most renowned contests of the design scene worldwide to present selected award-winning products of the previous year at the FIDexpo exhibition in Moscow. The objective was to show both professional trade visitors and the broad public what good and innovative product design can actually look like.


The 6th international Furniture Interior Design exhibition (FIDexpo) which took place from 9 to 12 March 2006 in the famous Gostiny Dvor, one of the most interesting event locations in Moscow, was a great success. A total of 12,000 visitors, 50 percent of them professional traders, attended the exhibition which presented more than 50 interior design enterprises from Russia and worldwide.
Core of the exhibition was the presentation of the red dot design award. In the red dot exhibition which presented the products of selected winners of the red dot award: product design 2005, the visitors could inform themselves of international innovations in the field of product design. More than 40 products, the high design quality of which convinced the international jury of experts of the red dot design award, were presented to an enthusiastic public.
The exhibition´s VIP guest of honour, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award and President of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design Icsid, presented the red dot design award as well as the current and upcoming red dot projects, and in a separate seminar he also introduced the newest trends in the field of interior design. “For us, the founders of the red dot design award, the FIDexpo is an excellent opportunity to showcase award-winning design in Russia,” said Professor Dr. Zec. A design award such as red dot has not just an economic function, but rather it promotes young creative talent in the respective host country by offering the opportunity to get deeply involved with the subject of design. “An event such as our special exhibition at the FIDexpo taps into the creative potential of young designers and encourages them to face up to national and international competition,” Zec said, stressing the importance of the award. 
In a roundtable discussion on the subject of “Perspectives of Development of Industrial Design in Russia”, organised by the “Project Russia” magazine, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec conversed with young Russian designers about the differences in design for the Russian and the international market.

A meeting of generations - Prof. Dr. Peter Zec meets former Icsid president Dr. Yuri Soloviev
Prof. Dr. Zec also met the former President of the Icsid, Dr. Yuri Soloviev, at the exhibition and exchanged experiences with him. Soloviev was very interested in recent developments in the design scene and enthusiastic about the project related collaboration of the two international umbrella organisations of communication and industrial designers, Icsid and Icograda, in the form of the IDA (International Design Alliance). In his opinion this collaboration had been long overdue. Soloviev explained “Icsid has always meant a lot to me, and I am very pleased that the association is becoming more influential and has started many good, new projects in recent time. This shows that the young generation is not asleep either.” In order to continue the conversation in a quiet atmosphere – away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair – the former president invited the current head of the Icsid as well as the president of the Russian association of designers, Yuri Nazarov, to dinner in his flat the following night.

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