Baroque ’n’ Roll – opulent sensuousness

Re-interpretations of the Baroque canon of forms were started by famous protagonists such as Moroso and the designer Philippe Starck. By now, the Baroque homage has become one of the main current styles.

Similar to the current situation in the fashion industry, furniture design is also inspired by old, glamorous epochs and combines stylistic elements of the Baroque period with modern materials. The use of style elements of past epochs gives the products emotional character; and in times of continuously growing and increasingly globalised markets it is becoming more and more important to appeal to the customers’ emotions, since even though buying decisions are justified rationally, they are mostly made based on emotion.

Baroque forms, opulent materials

The furniture gets its luxurious effect above all from the opulence of form: Baroque, with scrolls, and rounded. Ornaments of every kind are celebrating their comeback, and also patterns, floral patterns in particular, are used in the designs.

The materials also demonstrate opulence and preciousness: velvet, costly structured fabrics, embossed leather and high-gloss surfaces are characteristic, as well as the contrast of baroque forms and modern materials such as acrylic glass.

Discreet colours

In contrast to the magnificent patterns and the opulent forms, the colours are often discreet: austere black and white contrasts or classic combinations of black, white and red, similar to those used in the 1980s.

We present current examples in our picture gallery:

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