‘Modern Living’ trends autumn 2006

The product cycles in the fields of ‘Interior Design’ and ‘Tableware’ are changing almost as quickly as those in the fashion industry. It has therefore become easy to constantly change our furnishings, find new inspiration, and adjust our furnishing style to our changing moods and needs. Thanks to the progressing globalisation, the interest in faraway countries has increased; however, at the same time the significance of the individual’s cultural identity has also grown. This process is reflected in the tendency towards individual mixes of styles and culture.

The range of products offered is constantly growing and the investment in good design, the use of innovative materials, and not least the right product communication, have become the deciding factors when it comes to survival in the international competition as well as success in the market. The design standards are constantly rising, not only in the high price segment but also in the broad market. And consumers are again focusing on quality and prominent brands. This development is expressed in products and furnishings with luxurious elements which, however, are not showy but subtle.

In order to be successful in spite of mostly saturated markets as well as to maintain one’s position many manufacturers are increasingly expanding their product range. Many of them no longer focus on their core business, but also become active in other areas additionally. This has lead to a variety of products launched onto the market, which – even though they are not new - impress thanks to their intelligence, ingenuity, and versatility.

On the following pages, red dot has compiled an overview of the most interesting innovations and the most fascinating trends in the field of ‘Modern Living’ for you.

>> Furnishing and tableware trends

>> New lifestyle products