red dot: junior prize

In addition to the "red dot: grand prix", the best and most original student work from the areas of photography, graphic and communication design is awarded with the "red dot: junior prize". For the second time, the AGD (Allianz Deutscher Designer) has donated the 2,500 Euro prize. In addition a second Junior Prize was awarded spontaneously and prize money amounting to 1,250 DM was donated. The jurors foregoing some of their fee raised this.

The subject of the animation film "Total Control" (duration 3:20 min), which has received the "red dot: junior prize" 2001/2002, deals with complete observation by camera. This is the diploma work by Nico Alexander Schwenke, with the background that an increasing number of towns and institutions are installing video observation systems everywhere. This sensitised his cartoon film to the danger of a Big Brother society without moralising about it. "This noteworthy creative, humorous realisation of a current topic had the unanimous verdict of the jury that he deserves the red dot Junior Prize this year." (AGD)

The content: The animation figure

Mr. Average carries a barcode on his stomach and leaves behind data tracks everywhere. Cameras follow his every step and can even determine his very position via the Internet - up his path to the toilet. But Mr. Average does not want to be observed there and is forced to destroy the web camera. In an absurd way the webcam provokes a crime and does not - as is intended - prevent one. This leads to a chase and arrest by the security police, scan rays from handycams force Mr. Average to his task. At the end the camera moves out of the town and the sentence "watch mr.average at" appears.

The second junior prize 2001/2002 was also awarded to a piece of work with a social-critical ambition by the graphic designer Sandra Pollmann: the anti-landmine campaign. This piece of diploma work contained a complete concept and design for communication medias for the humanitarian organisation "Bundesdeutsche Initiative für ein Verbot von Landminen" (Federal German Initiative for the Ban on Landmines); it spans all aspects from the unifying slogan "Invest in Life" to the design of posters, radio jingles, a brochure, advertising and the Internet appearance.

What is particular in this penetrating handling of the subject is the sensitivity of the language and pictures. For example, on the posters one can see simple potato prints as well as children's and counting rhymes, which place viewers in a paradisiacal world. Then the content switches abruptly to the landmine problem, although the rhyme remains - a shocking moment for recipients who become fully aware of the fate of a landmine victim without any long explanations.

Sandra Pollmann, born in 1972, studied visual communication at the University of Düsseldorf and works as a designer (Agency avantgarde in medien, Düsseldorf).

Nico Alexander Schwenke, born in 1975, studied visual communication/media design at the university in Münster and also took cartoon film studies there. Today he works as an animator and screen designer at defcom GmbH in Berlin.