Christof Nardin, Agnes Steiner und Martin Wunderer

Nominated for the red dot: grand prix with their poster "The Essence": Christof Nardin, Agnes Steiner and Martin Wunderer

Christof Nardin, Agnes Steiner and Martin Wunderer were awarded a “red dot: best of the best” prize by the panel judging this year’s “red dot award: communication design” for their poster “The Essence 06”, which was used to promote the annual exhibition of the Vienna University of Applied Arts. As a result, they have also been nominated for the “red dot: junior prize”.


The three young Vienna-based designers, all students under Professor Fons Hickmann, said they had used a mixture of olive oil, coca cola, hair gel and washing-up liquid, scanned in over a piece of blue-tinted Perspex, to create “The Essence 06”. The result – a motif of flowing blue-grey shades which condense into a dominant gold – won the expert panel over straight away.

The creativity of these three young designers is evident not only from their work: their answers to the red dot questions were also highly imaginative:

What does a “red dot: best of the best” award and a nomination for the “red dot: junior prize” mean to you?

This tribute has given us fame, fortune, and a sense of perfect love and happiness running through our bodies.

First of all, we would like to thank our white witch and we are thinking (out loud) about paying her a commission. We owe all the tricks with the shooting stars and the blown eyelashes to her and her connections to the universe. It was she also who gave us the advice about planting a four-leafed clover monoculture and using Međugorje water for Kneipp cures.

As designers, what are your plans for the future?

To take part in content-related confrontations, so that design is seen not only as a luxury but as a legitimate part of social processes.

In your opinion, what are the particular challenges faced by designers today?

Surfaces and objects in all medial states, which stand in the time flow of cultural, social, political, technical, commercial and not least personal changes, open up new design opportunities. Designers are influenced by these, and in turn influence these variable pillars. The field that comes into question in the context of design space is in the process of expanding: it could be a challenge to dive, swim, float and splash in it without drowning.

How do you rate the commercial significance of design? 

It is everything and nothing.

Do you model yourselves on any other designers?

Basically, no. However, we are forever coming across posters, photographs, texts, objects, magazines, architecture, noises, melodies, fashion, people and other forms of life which are inspiring to the point of having an almost transcendental effect on us. However, these are only impressions and not eternal legends – everyone knows that.