Andreas Miedaner


Büro X nominated for the red dot: grand prix

Andreas Miedaner, head of Büro X in Vienna, has won the red dot: best of the best for the image brochure for the Austrian do-it-yourself store chain bauMax, which has been in business for 30 years. With the unusual look of an oversized cress seed bag and the brochure itself as a cress bed, this work won over the jury of this year’s red dot award: communication design.


For the 30th anniversary of the company bauMax, one of the pioneers of the do-it-yourself idea and market leader in Central and Eastern Europe, a brochure as the manifesto of success was to make the company’s history experienceable. The high quality standard which has been set by bauMax and which has had an effect on the bauMax annual reports in the past years was to be continued in this brochure. For this task two aspects had to be taken into account: The presentation of the do-it-yourself idea, which had become a tradition, was to be continued, and the lasting and continual, healthy growth of the company to be presented in an unobtrusive way.

Based on an idea of Dominik Cofalka, Büro X in Vienna solved this task by way of a live experiment which readers can carry out themselves: the complete brochure is designed as an oversized seed bag. Inside there are cress seeds, a soil mat featuring the words ‘do-it-yourself’; and the brochure itself doubles as a bed. The cover of the brochure consists of a three-dimensional relief of the words ‘Do it yourself’. The soil mat can be inserted into the relief and then the included cress seeds can be planted and watered. After just a few days the cress is growing, thus making the growing success of the DIY chain experienceable for everyone in a figurative sense.

red dot interviewed the designer Andreas Miedaner:

Andreas Miedaner – what does receiving the red dot: best of the best and being nominated for the red dot: grand prix mean to you?

Distinctions – no matter how many one gets – can never be taken for granted and are never guaranteed. But there are some which make you happier than others. And we were particularly delighted to receive the red dot: best of the best.

What are your future plans as a designer?

To not get tired, to swim against the tide, and again and again convince clients of the importance of new, courageous solutions.

What are in your opinion the particular challenges designers face today?

See answer to question 2.

From your point of view, how great is the economic significance of design?

That differs from industry to industry. And in those industries where it is not that great, this is only the case because no-one has yet been convinced of the opposite.

Do you have role models in design?

Many, but I am more interested in the way they work than their work itself.