red dot: junior prize

In addition to the red dot: grand prix, the red dot: junior prize is awarded for the best and most original piece of student work from the specialised fields of photographic, graphic and communications design. For the third time, the AGD (Alliance of German Designers) has donated prize money amounting to 2,500 Euro. Heide Hackenberg from the AGD comments:

”As in every year, it was again difficult to select the entry to be awarded the red dot: junior prize from the multitude of excellent junior work. We would have rather awarded several prizes. However, the discussion on the sense and use of the single pieces of work, not to mention the high level aesthetics, quickly made the majority select the multimedia project ”Flight Security“ – the diploma work by Nadja Riedel and Thorsten Steidle – a persuasive contribution to increased security in airtraffic control”.

Their project ”ATANA Flight Security” offers ideas on how to optimise the screen surfaces of an airtraffic controller’s working area in the tower. Part of the work shows a new type of function for the radar screen, which is not only used as a control instrument but as an interactive element thereby allowing digital data exchange between the pilot and airtraffic controller.

An overseeable screen design, functionally used typography and sensibly placed interaction serve as methods of design. ”Our project”, the designers say ”has the aim of joining together a technical background and functionality to achieve a consistent co-operations system with the aid of information design.”

Nadja Riedel and Thorsten Steidle, born in 1977 and 1974 respectively, both completed their degree at the Hochschule für Gestaltung FH Schwäbisch Gmünd with this piece of work. They were supervised by Prof. Michael Burke and Prof. Michael Götte. Nadja Riedel now works at the FH Schwäbisch Gmünd as an assistant, Thorsten Steidle works as a designer for steidle new media GmbH, Balingen.