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Double nomination for the red dot: grand prix for feldmann+schultchen design studios

Two works of the agency feldmann+schultchen design studios have received the red dot: best of the best for highest design quality. Thus the designer André Feldmann and Arne Schultchen are both nominated for the red dot: grand prix. In our profile we introduce you to both designers and their work.


5,0 Original

Companies invest great efforts – and a lot of money – in the development of a brand, its identity and marketing. The brand’s quality and communication have to be monitored at all times, because competition is fragile and depends on many unpredictable factors. The concept of this beer completely opposes the laws of advertising and marketing. Surprising in its completely reduced appearance, the strategy is based on doing away with any “extras” such as costly labels, golden glossy paper and expensive TV advertising and to pass these savings on directly to customers under the motto “Pay less for a good beer without any extras”. The simple crown cap and the minimalist label with its reduced typography without any additional graphics embody a new selfconcept. By concentrating on the essentials it is disconnected from a specific beer brand and the brand world normally associated with it and therefore only about one thing: the fundamental enjoyment of beer.

André Feldmann and Arne Schultchen on “Designing a beer brand”:

“Beer needs heritage” – this is the central theme of German beer advertising. Therefore most manufacturers decorate their brands with regional virtues. Everything is premium, loud and expensive: coats of arms, names of towns, gold foil, and TV advertising with German heroes. One beer is at home right in the midst of this advertising typhoon: 5,0 Original. It promises the two most important qualities of a beer in a factual and sincere way: five per cent alcohol at an honest price. By concentrating on the essentials the home of 5,0 lies beyond all talkativeness, where a German beer belongs – in peacefulness and strength. We smile after the work is done and say, “Beer and only beer!” factors.

fresh fish packaging

There are very few foods where freshness plays an equally important role as in the case of fish. The internationally patented fresh fish packaging expresses this characteristic by presenting the fish as if it were still gliding through the waves of the sea. Following the image of “a fish in water” an innovative packaging has been developed which takes advantage of packaging technology characteristics. The tension of the shrink wrap is used as a design element so that the packaging gets its final upright shape during the packaging process. The transparent side wings with the opposing profile of the brand-specific wave silhouette and the shrink wrap shaped like a trough between two waves point to the origin of the product – the sea. In the self-service chest re-frigerator the fish fillets are presented like a shoal of fish, and the aesthetics of the packaging enhances the product’s high quality and freshness.

André Feldmann and Arne Schultchen on “Night song of the fish”:

To fish is human nature. Therefore self-service chest refrigerators are built like pools. Just without the water. We thought that was a pity. We drove to the sea to find some consolation. It became late. Then this fish emerged from the water and whispered: ¢¢- - -¢¢¢¢- - - -¢¢¢¢¢!

We drove home laughing, knowing what we had to do. We saw it again later. As a fresh whisper-fish it had made itself comfortable in our internationally patented fresh fish packaging. It didn’t even notice that it had been caught. It was that fresh in its house of waves. We have gone fishing every day ever since.