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Nominated for the red dot: grand prix - Neue Digitale

The designer of the ‘Summer of Love’ website, Bejadin Selimi received a red dot: best of the best and a nomination for the red dot: grand prix. What this award and the nomination means to him, Bejadin Selimi has told us in a short interview. In our profile we introduce you to the designer and his work.


adidas Sport Style Y-3 Cubes – the animation of a fashion collection

Summer of Love - visualising an altered state of mind

The sources for the creative work of artists have always been extraordinary experiences. In the 1960s and early 1970s LSD became one of the most important drugs of hippie culture and was used by numerous artists to expand their consciousness. The climax of the hippie movement became the ‘Summer of Love’ in San Francisco in 1976. The ‘Summer of Love’ website was developed for the exhibition with the same name in the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. With the help of a timeline it explains important psychedelica-related phenomena from the fields of literature, art, music, society, and politics. Artists expanded their consciousness by consuming LSD and other hallucinogens, which led to an expansion of the spectrum of form, colour, and media. Numerous works from the fields of painting, photography, film, architecture, and graphic design merged to form the first multimedia spectacles, thus paving the way for today’s pop culture. The ‘Summer of Love’ website is therefore also homage to the pioneers of multimedia art. The highlight of the site is an ‘LSD mode’ which the user can switch on by a mouse-click and which activates the visual representation of an LSD high. In the LSD mode the complete website changes; colourful patterns which merge into one another cover the screen, texts go out of focus, and the site develops a dynamic of its own.

Mr Selimi, what does receiving the red dot: best of the best and being nominated for the red dot: grand prix mean to you?

With a figure of almost 4,000 entries from more than 30 countries just being nominated for such a distinction is honour enough. Therefore I will be even happier if ‘Summer of Love’ actually receives the trophy.

What future plans do you have as a designer?

I am working on the realisation of my vision that one day consumers can decide themselves when and how they want to inform themselves about products.

What are in your opinion the special challenges designers face today?

In the interactive media, an understanding and feeling for the technology has become indispensable for good designers – particularly if they claim to be innovative and creative. 

From your point of view, how great is the economic significance of design?

The industry has long recognised design as a competitive advantage and understood that product design is an integral part of the innovative process. Because when quality, functionality, and price are essentially the same, design remains the most important differentiating factor.

Do you have role models in design?

The work of industrial designers such as Dieter Rams and Max Miedinger still has a strong influence on me.

About Bejadin Selimi

Bejadin Selimi, born on 17 June 1972, has been working as art director for the Frankfurt-based creative agency for digital marketing NEUE DIGITALE since 2003, where he has also been looking after the clients adidas, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, and 3P. As a trained photographer he has won numerous national and international distinctions (such as the Grand Prix at the CRESTA awards, Yellow Pencil at D&AD, Gold at The One Show, the Mobius Award and the New York Festivals as well as several silver distinctions at ADC Germany and in Cannes). Before joining NEUE DIGITALE he worked for Pixelpark AG Berlin (clients: adidas, Blaupunkt, Puma, E.ON, Toyota) and I-D Media AG Berlin (clients: Sony Europe, Loewe, Swatch). In addition, Bejadin Selimi worked as freelance designer for Frontline as well as free digital artist for international studios such as Cinemagic Animation and Rhythm & Hues.