Volodymyr Makarov
The syringe-button
Inside the syringe-button


Flashback: red dot award: red dot award: design concept 2005

Latest development of the Syringe-button

For their design concept “syringe-button” the Russian designers Volodymyr Makarov and Vladislav Kropatchev received a red dot in the first red dot award: design concept ever and their concept has been successfully promoted all over Russia ever since.


In an age where disposable syringes are prone to negligent re-use, the syringe-button is designed to only be used once. Its design allows patients to make injections safely, without assistance and any special training. This elaborated design concept convinced the international expert jury and received a red dot for its design excellence.

“Since my friend and design partner, Vladislav Kropatchev, and I received the red dot for our design concept "syringe button" we are well-known in the design world”, says designer Volodymyr Makarov. “We already started the patent process in Russia and we increased a network of interested companies that want to produce the “syringe-button”. Also, there were a lot of publications in Russia and news all over the world which gave us a positive feedback thanks to the international prestige of the red dot design award.”

If you would like to find out more about the syringe-button, email Mr Makarov at me(at)vovka.biz

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