Naoto Fukasawa

Interviews with the best designers of the red dot design award 2007: Naoto Fukasawa

Functional, precious, and simple are the attributes of the “Itis” desk lamp, which was designed by the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa for the Artemide Group S.p.A. In the red dot award: product design 2007 “Itis” received the red dot: best of the best for its outstanding design. red dot online interviewed the designer. 


Mr Fukasawa, what inspired you to create this particular product and what was the intention behind it?

There is the possibility of dramatically reducing the product size by using an LED as a light source. This possibility combined with the expectations of Artemide as the producer of standard task lights such as Tizio and Tolomeo, implies a necessity for Artemide to create the new icon of LED task lights.

What does being awarded with the “red dot: best of the best” mean to you?

It is a great honour, because the “red dot award” always extracts and recognises the true quality of the products.

What particular challenges do you think designers face these days?

I think design is not about finding a methodology for transformation. To me it is more about understanding existing good relationships between people, objects, and environments, and then aligning a product with these relationships. By doing this, I try to avoid creating unnecessary products.

As a designer, what would you still like to accomplish in the future?

To continue doing what I do at the moment, which is trying to find appropriate design solutions for relevant products.

What do you think is the economic significance of design?

In general, design is thought of as the acceleration of the consumption of products, which creates a cycle of on-going consumerism. However, it is more important to change the structure of consumption by getting people to use products for a longer time.

Minimalist and flexible: the Itis desk lamp by Artemide

“Itis” is made of metal, Zamak, and plastic and is available in black as well as white. The award-winning desk lamp impresses with its clear, minimalist design and its enormous flexibility. Thanks to the joint at the base the light rod can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, while a second joint at the disk-shaped light head allows it to be swivelled by 180 degrees. The light output is continuously adjustable via the integrated touch dimmer. With its innovative LED light source, “Itis” is extremely energy-saving and produces a powerful warm light which can be direct or diffused.

With Japanese simplicity and thought-out functionality this desk lamp offers harmony and relaxation at the workplace. “Itis” has an eye-catching puristic form and impressed the red dot jury with its versatility. ”If simple design functions that well, the result is simply impressive,” the jury of the ‘lamps and lighting’ category praised the Artemide lamp. Following the design motto “Less is more” Naoto Fukasawa accurately reflects the spirit of the time with his aesthetic language of forms.

The Artemide Group founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza has always been very successful collaborating with internationally recognised designers. Naoto Fukasawa is well-known around the world for his clear pioneering language of forms and has already received several international design prizes.