„Nicht nur Lachs und Würstchen

The special exhibition “Not only Salmon and Sausages – Ikke bare laks og pølser” was produced on the occasion of the 100th jubilee of Norwegian sovereignty by the Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo
Vito Oražem, managing director of the Design Zentrums Nordrhein Westfalen
Østein Djupedal, Minister of Education, Norway
Norbert Kleine-Möllhoff, Mayor of the City of Essen
Rune Bjørnson, Director of the sponsoring company Statoil
Dr. Bernhard Reutersberg, member of the management board of E.ON Ruhrgas
Hans Weinberger, Director Norsk Teknisk Museum
The event was rounded off musically by a performance of the Norwegian DuoGrata, consisting of singer Katharina Jakhelln Semb and pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen

Ikke bare laks og pølser“

"Dreamtime" 2001-2005, Installation by Camilla Dahl
The Queen came accompanied by Angelika Rüttgers, wife of the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister
Queen Sonja viewed the red dot awarded Norwegian products with great interest
Queen Sonja during her entry into the traditional guestbook of the city of Essen
The varied and interactive exhibition provides visitors with an experience of war, crises and booms, economy, science, technology, and culture ranging from the “Sandmännchen” (‘sandman’), an animated character from German TV, to Grieg and Edvard Munch