junior award

Type Generator



Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich


Remo Caminada, Zürich/Amsterdam

Ludovic Varone, Zürich


Patrick Vuarnoz, Zürich

The work:

Widows and orphans – these are not only phrases indicating a lost parent or spouse, but also common terms referring to sloppy typography such as for example when the final line of a paragraph falls at the top of the following page of text. Every graphic designer knows the numerous rules and principles of this important discipline. And they also know what the overall concept of a manuscript has to look like in the matching font in order to optimally illustrate its purpose and content. Graphic designers also need to have this knowledge, but the “Type Generator” can make their work a lot easier. The vector-based prototype programme makes it possible to generate fonts. By changing the basic font, designers can digitally create their own forms and content-specific fonts quickly. Via certain controllers lines as well as radii can be applied to the complete font or single letters of the versal alphabet before they can then be further processed with conventional vector software. This also gives the designer the freedom to become independent of given norms and fonts and to create new solutions.


The designers:

Remo Caminada, Ludovic Varone

Remo Caminada, born in Vrin, Switzerland in 1974, completed an apprenticeship as a building construction draughtsman. After working for two years, he trained as a primary school teacher in Chur, before beginning a degree for interaction design and visual communication at the University of Design and Art in Zurich. In 2006 he graduated and then founded his own design studio. He has been working in Switzerland and abroad since. Ludovic Varone, born in Saviese, Switzerland, in 1977, completed an apprenticeship as a building construction draughtsman and then studied graphic design at the University of Design and Art in Zurich. Parallel to studying he trained as a bicycle mechanic. In 2005 he completed work placements with Stephan Müller, Berlin, and Norm, Zurich. He has been working for Norm since 2006.

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