Professor Uwe Loesch


The Design World Is Celebrating The First World Industrial Design Day

On 29 June 2008 the design world will celebrate the first „World Industrial Design Day“. The World Industrial Design Day has been initiated by the international umbrella association of industrial designers Icsid (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) with a view to offer as of now a fix date every year on which the merits of the profession of industrial designers and their influence on our living standards shall be recalled. The 29th June has been chosen because it is the birthday of the association: On 29 June 1957 the Icsid was founded officially in London. This day shall prompt many activities such as events, exhibitions, lectures or open days around the world.


Just in time for the first World Industrial Design Day Icsid members have already prepared several events, among others, a retrospective of Canadian industrial design in Toronto, a “Design Street Fair” in Budapest or a design symposium in Tokio.

Free Entry to the red dot design museum
On 29 June 2008, on the occasion of the World Industrial Design Day the red dot design museum in Essen will grant free entry to all visitors. Visitors of the museum will thus have free access to three special exhibitions that will be presented at that time: “Design on stage - winners red dot award: product design 2008”, an exhibition of all products that have won the renowned “red dot” design award, “Bose Design. The Expression of Technology” presenting the work of this year’s design team of the year, and the special exhibition “red dot award: design concept winners’ exhibition”, a journey into the future of design based on the products that have won in the category red dot award: design concept.

Poster for the World Industrial Design Day 2008 - Interview with Professor Uwe Loesch

Professor Uwe Loesch has designed a poster for the World Industrial Design Day on behalf of the Icsid. red dot talked with Professor Loesch about the vision of his draft:

red dot: Professor Loesch, you have designed the poster for the World Industrial Design Day. An extraordinary design whose central graphic element is a polyhedron-a quotation of Albrecht Duerer’s famous copper engraving ‘Melancolia’, a cryptical work that still refuses itself to a comprehensive interpretation and which dashes the hopes of every viewer to grasp its entire meaning. What was your intention when using the polyhedron as a graphic element on your poster?

Prof. Uwe Loesch: To meet the challenge of the “World Industrial Design Day” with the means of a poster it is necessary to go back to the roots. Albrecht Duerer, who, as is generally known, examined the basics of geometry in detail, pictured the object quoted by me on the poster in one of his master engravings in 1514. Apart from this direct cultural and historical reference the poster scene generally refers to the mathematical as well as philosophical principles of design. The unbiased viewer would wish to name the object but at this point he will fail. Above all, the poster addresses the transition from the surface into the three-dimensional space, from the draft to the object. There is a cosmically universal something about it and, unexpectedly, it is round. Viewed from this aspect, the illustration of a polyhedron derived from Platonic bodies is a very direct visualisation of the term design. It unites what is taking shape. If you like, you may as well take my poster literally: Good design is always a bone of contention-a matter of course for bad design.

red dot: The World Industrial Design Day on 29 June is a global initiative to give industrial designers and design enthusiasts the opportunity to advertise for a worldwide understanding of industrial design and anything included therein. Its equivalent is the ‘World Graphic Design Day’ taking place on 27 April, which is the founding date of Icograda. What do such initiatives mean to you?

Prof. Uwe Loesch: Anniversaries are memories of the future. They are both a cause and an obligation to highlight the object of our interest. Industrial design and communication design strongly influence our aesthetic feeling. Throughout the world they are the expression of an attitude of mindset and spirit, which is making the visual understandable. In view of global competition design has become a significant industrial factor. Developments in the field of new technologies become manifest and useful only through the relevant design concepts.

red dot: Professor Loesch, you are professor for communication design at the Bergische University Wuppertal and you work in your own studio. Your works are part of important collections and you have received numerous awards. Looking back on your experience as communication designer, what piece of advice would you give the new generation of designers?

Prof. Uwe Loesch: They should try to increase their innate pleasure in designing thus taking themselves seriously. Afterwards, they may look at their work results from a critical distance and hopefully, they will know what a delight and what an art it is, time and again, to fail.

About Professor Uwe Loesch
Prof. Uwe Loesch, born in Dresden in 1943, studied graphic design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts and Crafts in Düsseldorf from 1964 to 1968 and has been working in his own studio since. For his works in the areas of corporate design, corporate communication and poster design he has gained international recognition. They are part of important collections such as for example of the Museum of Modern Art New York, are exhibited worldwide and have received international prizes such as the Gold Medal of the Art Directors Club of Europe, the Grand Prix of the red dot design award and the first prize of the Five Star Designers’ Banquet Osaka. In 1990, Uwe Loesch was appointed professor of communication design at Wuppertal University. He is president of the Alliance Graphique Internationale in Germany, member of the Art Directors Club for Germany and the Type Directors Club New York.