Mercedes-Benz – bionic car (exhibition)

What will the world of tomorrow look like and how will we live? Exploring the future is as fascinating as it is essential for our society, science and economy. However, there is hardly any industry that consistently has to foresee trends and lifestyles and anticipate today what life will be like in six or seven years like the automobile industry. This is the period of time between the first rough draft and the finally functioning car which has to be ahead of current standards in technology, safety and consumption as well as sense of form, style and choice of materials. The “bionic car” concept is exemplary of the extraordinary paths the industry pursues to provide an idea of future innovation and technologies. In order to develop the “bionic car”, biologists, bionicists and automobile researchers made an expedition into the animal world and discovered that the angular boxfish came close to the automobile engineers’ ideal. The touring exhibition, designed by jangled nerves, allowed the visitors to experience the visionary vehicle project by presenting a self-illuminating sculpture of the fish, the original vehicle and a 1:4 model together on an amorphous pedestal immersed in blue, animated water reflections. Holographic projections in the background created the effect that the real and the virtual layer merged.

jangled nerves GmbH | Thomas Hundt, Ingo Zirngibl

jangled nerves was founded in Stuttgart in 1998 and today employs some 30 staff in the fields of conception, design, architecture, film, editorial work, search, technology, programming and project management. jangled nerves is in charge of international projects for clients such as adidas, Audi, Baedeker, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, the Ministry of Environment and Traffic Baden-Württemberg, Porsche and the broadcasting station ZDF.

Prof. Thomas Hundt, born in 1967, studied architecture at Stuttgart University and teaches at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. He is a partner and managing director of jangled nerves. Ingo Zirngibl, born in 1965, studied architecture at Stuttgart University as well as the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen and teaches at the Stuttgart Media University. He is a partner and managing director of jangled nerves.

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