The concept „Level_10“ for Thermaltake
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Virtual Reality: Computer worlds inspire design concept by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

The gaming industry is an industry that is associated with attributes such as visionary creativity, innovative strength and progressiveness. But where does it get its inspiration from and how does one set trends in an industry which stands for progressive thinking and inventiveness? A clear answer to this question was recently given by the creative studio BMW Group DesignworksUSA with a design concept for the latest high end gaming tower of the company Thermaltake for which the gaming world itself served as a source of inspiration.


BMW Group DesignworksUSA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW Group, has for many years created the most innovative designs for a variety of industries. Only last year did the design by the creative studio convince the international expert jury of the red dot award: product design not just once but twice: they received the coveted red dot for the high design quality of the concept study Embraer Mid-size Jet Concept as well as the Zeydon Z60 Ocean-Going Yacht.

Besides yachts, trains, aircraft, lifestyle and IT-products, the three studios in Munich, California and Singapore also create design concepts that turn visions into reality such as the “Level_10” concept for Thermaltake, a manufacturer of cases and components for individually configurable high-performance computers.

Design concept from another world

The “Level_10” concept reveals the computers’ inner workings, thus putting the computers’ architectural aesthetics, which are the result of the individually combinable components, centre stage. The creative team took its inspiration from the computer worlds: virtual cityscapes and futuristic gaming components serve as orientation for the organisation and design of the individual components. In the overall design they form an open, modular structure that offers functional added value: in the “Level_10” concept the precious components are enclosed in their own cases and are thus not only an essential part of the design, but their easy replacement and transportation is also guaranteed.  Thus the design concept significantly contributes to the requirements of users who want to flexibly use their equipment in a variety of different places and transport it there safely. The prototype of the “Level_10” tower was introduced at the CEBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany, from 3-8 March.


Looking for design visions: the red dot award: design concept 2009

Fascinating and innovative design concepts such as the “Level_10” are what the red dot award: design concept is all about. The competition is aimed particularly at design ideas and visions that have not yet been realised. The red dot award: design concept is not only regarded as a barometer for future design developments and trends, but it is also paving the way for the commercial realisation of new ideas -- because receiving a red dot ensures the design concept receives the industry’s full attention and thus helps finding a competent partner for the realisation of your idea.


As of now designers, entrepreneurs and design students from all over the world are invited to submit their design ideas and visions to the competition and face the judgement of an international and independent expert jury. Register now!

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