Waterproof Design Team
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Waterproof Design Team


red dot: Why did you take part in the red dot award: product design, what makes this design competition special?

Waterproof Design Team: We wanted to know how our product stood up against the world competition. Since Red Dot is the most prestigious design award, we decided to compete.


red dot: For me the accolade red dot: best of the best is..

Waterproof Design Team: A receipt that our design effort was a good decision.


red dot: Considering the current difficult economic environment, what role does good design play?

Waterproof Design Team: For us as a high end brand good design is everything.


red dot: What particular challenges did you encounter when realizing your product?

Waterproof Design Team: Extremely complicated grading due to the styling of the suit. New material compositions gave us totally new parameters in production.


red dot: What significance did ecological aspects have in the design of your product?

Waterproof Design Team: We focus on producing high quality, long lasting suits. We are constantly aiming for using more environmentally friendly materials.


red dot: What inspires you?

Waterproof Design Team: Good design, bad design, sea creatures, movies, shoes