Wolf Schneider,

Scholz & Friends, Germany

Scholz & Friends Identify is one of Europe's the biggest design agencies for orchestrated communication. Besides the head offices in Berlin and Hamburg, Scholz & Friends Identify is represented by more than 1,000 Friends in 20 locations throughout Europe and regarded as one of the most creative agencies internationally. Since 2002, Wolf Schneider has been managing director supervising the creative performance of the design agency Scholz & Friends Identify, and since 2006 he has also been managing director of Scholz & Friends Berlin. For the installation "The humanities. The ABC of humankind." Scholz & Friends received the red dot: best of the best.

red dot: What project are you currently working on?
Wolf Schneider:
Luckily I am working on many projects simultaneously.

red dot: Do you think the significance of communication design
is currently changing?
Wolf Schneider:
Corporate design is sustainable communication. The media consumption behaviour of our society has undergone a fundamental change and with it the demands on and the possibilities of design. The corporate design of the 21st century is multi-dimensional. Companies and brands will create and shape cultural and societal spaces with their multi-dimensional design.

red dot: What dream project would you like to work on in
the future?
Wolf Schneider:
A new corporate design for the German police.