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Junior prize supports young talent and sets impulses for tomorrow’s design economy


The globalisation of markets, rapidly changing technologies and the current economic change present the design industry with great challenges. For students and prospective designers, this means that they have to look to international markets for orientation at an early stage as well as have a high degree of flexibility. In order to increase chances for young talent and set impulses for tomorrow already today, red dot specifically supports fledgling designers, annually awarding the “red dot: junior prize”, worth 10,000 euros. The junior prize goes to Dennis Dominguez from Cologne, Germany, for his book “Stereotype”. The work visualises different prejudices and clichés in a highly bold as well as entertaining way. The “red dot: junior prize” will be presented to Dennis Dominguez at the festive awards presentation on 9 December 2009 in the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany.

In total, eight works from different categories were nominated for the honorary title; the jury selected “Stereotype” because of its outstanding design and the topic’s original implementation. The book about prejudices and national clichés depicts the properties we attribute to certain professional groups, nations and religions in a highly bold as well as entertaining way. With a rich collection of quotes from famous politicians, writers and journalists, a total of 20 caricatures of different national stereotypes are presented. Their specific traits are exposed by the designer using stylised and minimal illustrations. In another chapter he creates rankings using icons showing objects such as knives, roosters and also condoms, ranking nations according to characteristics such as “murderers, violent and vindictive people”, “show-offs and arrogant people”, and “seducers, whores, and people thinking with their genitals”. The fact that today – exactly as we did centuries ago – we take in clichés and prejudices like a dry sponge absorbs water, and that they stick like limpets, is discovered by the reader in an amusing and impressive way.

About the winner Dennis Dominguez
Dennis Dominguez studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany, before working for different agencies such as the Peter Schmidt Group, Claus Koch Identity, Interbrand, and the desres design group in Frankfurt on the Main. He learned all about the topic of his degree dissertation right from the cradle, so to speak, even though he refers to himself as a genuine native of Cologne. But as the son of a Slovenian mother and a Spanish father he grew up with the typical attributions, how one nation sees the other and vice versa. At a later stage he had the opportunity to deepen his “research” on the subject among foreign guest students at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana making the interesting experience that on a world map of national stereotypes every ethnic group should be charged with similar offences. “We all are full of prejudices and need them for classification,” says Dennis Dominguez in an interview with red dot. “The fact that we always talk about why prejudices are bad with a wagging finger became one of the keys to portraying them as caricatures.”

About the red dot: junior prize
With the competition red dot offers budding designers an outstanding platform for having the quality of their works judged and presenting them. “Since creativity and sound know-how are no longer sufficient to start a successful career, young designers need the opportunity to compete on an international stage and have the quality of their works accessed by an independent expert jury,” explains Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award and Senator of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid). In addition, winning an award in the “red dot award: communication design”, one of the most important and largest design competitions in the industry, secures the fledgling designers the attention of a wide public.

The awards presentation and the exhibition
The “red dot: junior prize” will be presented to Dennis Dominguez at the festive awards presentation on 9 December 2009 in the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany. The awards presentation is the annual highlight of the competition and also the vernissage of the exhibition “Design on stage – winners red dot award: communication design 2009” at the red dot design museum in Essen. The special exhibition will display all award-winning works until 10 January 2010. 

The publication documenting the competition
The works of all award-winners will be presented in the international yearbook communication design 2009/2010 with numerous illustrations and comprehensive background information. The yearbook has become an established reference work of contemporary design and is published by red dot’s in-house publishing company, red dot edition. This year, all winners of the multimedia category will again be presented on an enclosed DVD.

Publication date: 9 December 2009
approx. 800 pages, hardcover
incl. DVD
approx. 1,700 colour illustrations
30 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89939-110-7
Price: 79 euros
Editor: Professor Dr. Peter Zec, red dot edition

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