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The award-winning works of the red dot award: communication design 2009 at the red dot design museum, Essen

red dot presents excellent communication design in Basel

Communication designers from around the world are creative like never before – and those interested in design can see this for themselves in Switzerland this spring. With the exhibition “Quality has a form. red dot presents: Excellent communication design in Basel” red dot presents in the exhibition area of the Basel School of Design from 13 April to 9 May 2010, the best communication design works that have won awards in the “red dot award: communication design 2009”. The festive vernissage will take place on 12 April 2010.

The international jury of the “red dot award: communication design” assessed 6,112 entries in total, and only approximately 8 per cent received an award. “The excellent designs of the winners have deeply impressed the independent jurors, and thus the presentation of the works in the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany, has already been a complete success,” says Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award and head of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. “We are particularly delighted about the offer to present the whole spectrum of communication design to all those interested in design at the creative location of Basel for the first time.” Be it video game design, an advertising film or an annual report, print or digital – the exhibition of award-winning works from 42 countries and 25 competition categories overall shows the large spectrum of creative skills required of communication designers today. In addition, the current “red dot: design agency of the year”, KMS Team from Munich, presents a cross-section of the most sophisticated design accomplishments created for international top companies from the last 25 years in the form of an installation.

For a long time Basel has been regarded as one of the European centres of excellent graphic design. Famous designers, among them Niklaus Stöcklin, Burkhard Mangold, Herbert Leupin, Donald Brun, Armin Hofmann, and Emil Ruder, have had a formative influence on the history of communication design and the city’s reputation abroad over decades. The exhibition presenting the winners of the “red dot award: communication design 2009” continues this tradition and aims to ensure that the awareness of the global significance of creative work remains high in future.

red dot on tour
The exhibition in Basel is part of the “red dot on tour” programme, which regularly offers the winners of the international design competition the opportunity to also present their works beyond national borders. Thus, time and again exhibitions of the red dot design museum go on tour and are presented to a broad audience in different continents. Previous stops included Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Moscow, Singapore and Beijing.

The red dot design award
With more than 12,000 entries from more than 60 nations in its disciplines “red dot award: product design”, “red dot award: communication design”, and “red dot award: design concept”, the red dot design award is one of the largest design competitions worldwide – and probably also the hardest: in the end only roughly ten per cent of all entries receive one of the coveted accolades.

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