The red dot design museum presents: Best of Dutch Design

From 8 April to 2 May 2010 the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany, will present the finalists and winners of the Dutch Design Awards 2009 in a special exhibition. All creative works come from the three main categories “communication design”, “product design” and the relatively new discipline “spatial design”, with contributions from the fields of architecture, space design and landscape design. The 2010 European Capital of Culture is one of the first stops of the international touring exhibition of the “best of the best” of Dutch design, among them famous designers such as Studio Wieki Somers, Maarten Baas, Thonik, Philips Design, Gert Dumbar, Jelte van Abbema (young talent 2009), and many more.

The exhibition reveals, above all, two main trends in Dutch design. On the one hand, the designers of this nation have committed themselves to an intensive search for truly useful products. Their design ideas are gradually breaking away from established themes, and the cultural statements they make with their designs are increasingly oriented towards social issues and problems. Thus this theme, which had been pushed into the background for years, has returned to the Dutch design agenda. On the other hand, a predilection for a perfectly designed and realised form is becoming apparent. In both cases the competitors clearly strive for authenticity; there is a new attention to the emergence of a product as well as the development process. Topics such as sustainability and user-friendly handling are primary foci in all categories of the Dutch Design Awards.

What has for many years been limited to the fields of graphic design and architecture, now also applies to product design: With their design work Dutch creative professionals are increasingly attracting attention from beyond national borders, celebrating international successes. The fact that last year Adrian van Hooydonk replaced BMW’s long-standing design chief Chris Bangle and product designer Tord Boontje became the successor of Ron Arad as professor at one of the most prestigious design schools worldwide, the Royal College of Art in London, illustrates this development trend. Also, the Dutch government has recognised the importance of the creative industries, and of design promotion in particular. The special exhibition “Best of Dutch Design” pays tribute to this development and presents the best of Dutch design achievements at the red dot design museum.


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